Return & Exchange Policy

Return & Exchange Policy

Within 7 days from the day after you sign for the goods, if the goods are not used and do not affect the secondary sales, KUKU will provide you with 7 days of no reason to return and refund the service.

  1. The basic conditions for applying for return and exchange:

(1) The returned goods should maintain the original appearance of the goods when they were received (except for the quality problems of the goods themselves);

(2) The returned goods should be kept brand new and the relevant accessories are complete;

(3) Warranty cards, invoices and other written materials are not filled in and any defacement or folding;

(4) The original packaging of the returned goods should be kept intact;

(5) The returned goods are required to have complete outer packaging, original goods and incidental goods;

  1. Circumstances that do not allow application for return or exchange:

(1) The commercial quality assurance label, packaging, appraisal certificate, etc. are altered, torn, moved or unrecognizable;

(2) The proof of purchase and warranty card of the goods are altered, torn or lost, and they are disassembled and repaired without consent;

(3) Traces of man-made damage such as failure or damage caused by movement, falling, collision, extrusion, etc.;

(4) The packaging of the goods has stains and serious backlog traces;

(5) Damage caused by improper packaging or transportation operations in the process of returning the goods;

If the returned item does not meet the above conditions, we will not be able to arrange a return or exchange for you.

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